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Here, at Privett Timber Windows, we live and breathe timber windows. Our stunning range has been attentively made for Extensions, Renovations, Newbuilds and surely, Replacement timber windows. At last, you can throw away those cold & draughty hardwood windows and replace them with correctly made ones, without losing your home’s period look and feel.

Timber Hardwood Casement Windows

Timber Casement Windows at their best

Planning to extend your Country Home in Surrey Hills? Time to renovate your classic London Townhouse? Building a new Stately Home out in the country? Or simply want to upgrade your hardwood wooden windows? Correctly designed and well-made timber windows can add significant value and character to your home. With hundreds of successful projects in London & Home Counties, we have got the perfect timber windows and doors to suit Your precious home and Your budget.

Our comprehensive range includes Timber Casement Windows, Wooden Sash Windows, Timber French Doors, Solid Wood Bi-fold Doors and Hardwood Front Doors.

Come and see us at our Surrey Showroom or our flagship London Showroom.

Our Surrey Showroom is in a picturesque market town of Farnham, near Guildford.

Our London Showroom is conveniently located in East Sheen, between Putney and Richmond.

We promise to do our utmost best to help you choose the right product for your home.

Hardwood Windows Doors in Surrey Hills - Cranleigh, Ewhurst & Peaslake
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Bespoke Timber Windows and Doors

Being Bespoke, means you cherry-pick the options you want. At the end of the day, why pay for the features you will not use. Taylor-made windows, coupled with bespoke options, help you stay in charge of your budget.

Wooden Windows London

…The devil is always in the detail and the look

In fact, you will see countless of our wooden windows fitted in buildings of all shapes and sizes: be it a Cottage, Townhouse, Country and Stately Homes all over London and Home Counties.

It is true, that success of each project is built on many factors, such as correct design tools, first-class support, not to mention quality product. After all, wrong design choices can badly affect your home’s value.

Mike Holmes has composed a helpful guide how to “unleash the power” of your home, thus, add value.

Wooden Windows and Doors for Extensions

Timber Windows Haslemere Surrey

Warp-resistant timber is extremely important when it comes to your new French Doors

With present building costs around £1,500 up to £3,000 per square meter, it comes as no surprise, that wooden window cost is a huge factor of debate. Did you know, timber windows and doors make up as much as 35% of an average building’s structure? Yet, the actual cost in the budget is only around 5-10%. The cost depends on your choices. For instance, you may to leave out some upgrades or features you may not use. Though include a must-have detail such as Hidden trickle vent system. No matter how well the extension is built, poking out vents on wooden windows never look good. In fact, they reveal that this part of the building has been extended in recent years. As a result, there are no visible vent grills on any of our windows.

We have used this system in projects throughout Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, London and Kent.

Besides, Real Homes journal has released a helpful guide and calculator to help you plan the budget ahead.

Timber Windows and Doors for Custom and Self-Build homes

Timber Sash Windows Richmond

…Sash windows your period home deserves

More and more people are choosing to build their dream home from the ground up. They can then design it to suit their own lifestyle. Looking at figures, over 14,000 homes in the UK were Custom or Self-build in 2016 alone. Architect-designed homes bear more value on the market,thus, more profit to build. Unlike extensions, where the need is to match your current hardwood window design, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing timber windows for your new home. It is here, where your wishes really come to life – from quite Bespoke style to faithful copy of Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Arts & Crafts to 1930’s look. To conclude, you have endless options and upgrades to choose from. First, special glass can better your SAP ratings, second, reduced upkeep cycle prolongs the life of your window, and third, special hinges and locks for ease of use and few more bespoke choices. You are always in the driving seat when it comes to features of your new timber windows and doors.

To be further inspired, please visit our galleries here.

How much will your project cost?” is a useful guide, with detailed price breakdowns and tips if you are looking to build a custom home.

Replacement Timber Windows and Doors

When building, the budget is not always focused on timber windows. Though replacement timber windows and wooden doors do come firmly under the spot light. It is here, where you can truly focus on all issues you are facing with your current hardwood windows.

Wooden Windows Haslemere

..unlimited designs & styles to suit your lifestyle

To put it simply, there are countless issues with any old hardwood windows and doors. Cold, condensation, draughts along with security concerns, to name a few. And you are the one pulling the strings by choosing which problems you would want to forget. For this reason, replacement timber windows come packed with 27 bespoke upgrade options. Made to order timber windows ensure you can upgrade any feature – be it shorter maintenance cycles, warmer or lighter glass or enhanced safety options. Also, there is a vast choice of unique period details for you to choose from. Love the windows and doors which are built to match your home only.

To see our stunning “Before & After” projects, please click here. Hundreds of projects all around Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, London and Kent.

To see more of our timber casement, sash windows and doors, please visit our Pinterest Page

We look forward to seeing you in one of our showrooms; be it in Farnham, Surrey or East Sheen, London, where you can fully explore our stunning range of timber windows and doors in more detail.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution

– William A. Foster

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