Timber Windows in Conservation Areas

Timber Windows for Conservation Areas

Timber Sash Windows Highgate, Golders Green, Hampstead

…Our Conservation wooden sash (on the right) is a true masterpiece in matching character…(Wimbledon, near Putney, SW London)

Original wooden windows in historic buildings usually called conservation timber windows. A conservation area in the United Kingdom is an area with specific historical or architectural interest. Buildings’ character or appearance is desired to be preserved or enhanced.

There are just over 10,000 conservation areas in the UK alone. Protected areas of historic interest list still keeps growing. Many in the towns, villages and cities across the country which still use historical conservation timber windows to portray their architectural merits and impact.

Replacement Timber Windows in Conservation Areas

Timber Sash Windows Surbiton, Kingston, Worcester Park

…you can see why our timber sash (right side) windows are approved in Conservation Areas (Barnes, near Richmond, SW London)…

Replacing conservation timber windows poorly or inappropriately have the potential of eroding the traditional features on the buildings. Due to this, it is never easy to just come in and replace original hardwood timber windows in conservation areas.

If you live in an area designated area as a conservation, there are specific constraints the local authority will impose to your home. Especially when you are considering installing or replacing a new wooden windows or doors.

Most of the older traditional houses in the conservation areas are fitted with timber windows, with some dating back to the 16th century. Over time, such timber windows develop problems such as rot, and there may be a need to consistently restore and paint them to keep them in shape.

Timber Window Colour Choices in Conservation Areas

timber windows Petersfield, Winchester, Alton

…The Conservation areas now protect against poorly replaced windows…(our casements windows are on the left)…(Surbiton, near Kingston, Surrey)

In as much as restoring the conservation wooden windows would offer you a great opportunity to paint and give them fresh looks. However, you will have to contend with the choices regarding the colour as per to the heritage of that conservation area. It means you have no freedom of choosing just any colour you desire for the timber windows, but the one you choose must conform to the heritage of that conservation area.

Due to such restrictions on wood window replacement for houses in conservation areas, most of the homes built along canals or rivers may sometimes suffer irreparable damages. It is because the owners are not at liberty to renovate their timber windows as they please. So, what options are available for you when you need to replace your window, and you live in a conservation area?

Conservation Area Requirements for replacement windows

timber windows Ascot, Sunninghill, Sunningdale

…Authentic replacement of like-for-like timber windows in the 300-year old cottage…(East Sheen, near Richmond, Surrey)

Well, for you to carry out any renovation on your house or install any original conservation hardwood window replacement, you will be required to get planning approval and Conservation area consent. This is purposely done to ensure that your renovation or timber window replacement is carried out in a manner that will preserve the architectural merits of the structure.

Initially, some planning authorities rejected the use of modern materials on the window designs. They insisted that if you had to do a replacement, then it had to be like for like regarding materials, shape, size and design. This was a huge challenge because getting the exact type of timber to make the specific window types was never easy.

The requirements are even stricter when it comes to listed buildings.  Replacing timber windows on such may not be very easy since such requires the approval by the Historic Scotland or English Heritage. Listed building are the most important buildings in town enjoying national protection with very strict control over alterations and modifications.

Privett Timber Windows – ideal choice for Conservation Areas

Timber Windows New Malden, East Molesey, West Molesey

…our windows can truly enhance the character of the period home, which other windows sometime fail to underline..(our windows are on the left)…(Esher, near Cobham, Surrey)

If you do live or planning to move to a property located in one of the many protected Conservation Areas, you will be in safe hands when it comes to designing and making a faithful replacement timber windows. Our timber sash windows and timber casement windows are sympathetically designed to match the original character and feel of the property. Something, which is quite evident in the pictures above.



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