Period™ Edwardian Casement

Our hand-made Period™ Edwardian window collection reflects the glamour and elegance of window detailing introduced during the Edwardian era. This collection is characterised by window casements being recessed (stepped back) within the external frame. These windows are commonly found in urban homes and cottages built from 1901 to 1910, however the success of the Edwardian detailing extended well into the inter-war period and beyond 1930s.

The 1894 Building Act changed the regulations, so windows no longer had to be flush with the exterior wall. This enabled the windows to stand proud from the building’s facade. The Edwardian period took advantage of this change and now most of their windows were presented in bays. Medium and larger houses would often display double or bow windows. Despite the traditional appearance, they are quite sophisticated as they share the same product quality platform as our Period™ Flush collection: warp resistant timber, unique concealed hinges, high security locks, drainage channels and many more innovations. Thoughtfully designed timber windows can add significant value to your home.

Our Unique Features

Unclip™ Hidden Hinge system – unlike conventional friction hinges, our unique hinge ensures there is no movement of the casement into the window aperture upon initial opening. As a result a full and unobstructed opening is achieved. Discreet swivel arm on the top hinge allows the removal of all the opening and even fixed windows for ease of installation, thus ensuring our perfect factory paint finish stays intact. This exceptionally important feature of our windows becomes paramount in years to come – there are no other fixings on the market that allow the removal of fixed casements and sadly these are generally painted shut at the time of redecoration. With our Unclip™ Hinge it only takes 2 minutes to remove the fixed casements thus allowing to decorate inside of the otherwise inaccessible areas ensuring that   your windows stay protected, keeping the paint finish smooth and even.

Neat Silicone seals – Purpose-made grooves on the inside and outside of the window accommodate the silicone necessary to protect against water ingress. Appropriate coloured or clear silicone is factory applied, guaranteeing a perfect, unobtrusive seal.

Unique external sills – over the years we have developed a range of unique external sills, which not only enhance the look of the property in keeping with its period, but also provide the necessary protection against the elements. Various sill types are available including Stub Sills, Sloping, Chunky and Bespoke. Matching period sash drips are available in the same design and style to replicate the traditional look.

Conceal™ Trickle Vent system – conventional trickle vents can be extremely unsightly with protruding canopies and head-drips seriously affecting the external look of any property.

With the arrival of our Conceal™ Vent, the unattractive, unpleasant trickle vents are a thing of the past. Our innovative Trickle Vent system has the air channel re-engineered to appear between the frame and the casement, thus removing the need for any external canopies and protect the all-important character of any period property.

General Features

  • Engineered European Redwood construction with hardwood sill  reduces warping, twisting and  swelling
  • Factory applied water-based (micro-porous) paint finish ensures     longevity & durability
  • Factory glazed with high performance insulated glass units delivers excellent thermal performance
  • TGI Warm Edge Spacer bars minimise heat loss and combat condensation on the inner panes
  • Whole window U-values as low as 1.2W/m²K
  • Hidden drainage & ventilation channels prevent glazed unit from misting
  • Internal glazing prohibits would-be intruders from gaining entry into the property by removing the glass
  • Multi-point locking system with lockable handles for that extra peace of mind
  • Arched Heads, Swept Heads, Curved or Shaped windows can be made to match any architectural design
  • 18mm Slimline period glazing bars in keeping with the property’s character and aesthetics
  • Choice of 6/9/12/15mm antique, black or white lead lights to complement period character and look
  • A range of designer ironmongery in a variety of finishes to complete your new windows in a traditional or modern style
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