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Casement Timber Windows

It is a well known secret, that Casement timber windows can profoundly affect your home’s character and look. Frankly, there are quite a few factors you should bear in mind when choosing your new windows. Firstly, it’s the visual appearance: badly designed Casement wooden windows can change the “Kerb Appeal” and character of your home. Secondly, craftsmanship – the devil is always in the detail. Whether we talk about frame mouldings or that specialist glazing bar shape – small details matter. And thirdly, the technology deployed in making the timber windows. This is where the quality and the precision is born, an element, which often lacks in hardwood casement windows made in joinery shops.

Understanding Your Casement Timber Windows

Of course, Casement timber window designs have gently evolved over the centuries. In fact, wooden casement window progress has been closely linked in changes within styles of architecture. For this reason, our timber windows reflect those changes by mirroring historic designs and finer details. Yet, it offers all the modern features you can expect: comfort, solid build and security with robust guarantees. Each and every window we make is unique and different. We make them to suit your home and your style of living. So what should you consider when looking for your new or replacement casement timber windows? Well, there are few quite a few odds and ends to study in more detail. We are here to advise and help you choose the right window for your home.

Casement Timber Windows Types

Here, at Privett, we group our wooden casement windows into 3 types: Flush, Edwardian & Stormproof. Each window type played a vital role in different periods of British Architecture.

Flush Casement Timber Windows/Flush Casements

As the name suggests, timber Flush casement windows are defined by opening casements closing into the frame, thus creating a flush finish. Flush casement wooden windows were used over the centuries in buildings of all shapes and sizes. Notably, the clean lines, classic character and charm of Flush Casement timber windows, were widely used in 1920’s and 1930’s buildings.

Edwardian Casement Timber Windows/Recessed Casements

Contrary to Flush casements, which can be found in homes built through different eras and times, Edwardians designed their own style for the timber windows by recessing the casement behind the frame, which allowed them to achieve a stepped back look. This feature became a common detail in homes built through the brief reign of King Edward VII.

Stormproof Casement Timber Windows/Lipped Casements

Although this type evolved only in 1950’s, it is now most widely used window type in modern homes in the UK. As opposed to Recessed timber window, where the window is behind the frame, Stormproof sits proud of the frame and overlaps it. This can be an ideal choice for you, if you are building in those harsher climate places, where extra level of weather protection might help.

Apart of window types, there are countless other choices you will have to make: Styles, Designs, Type of Finish, Paint Palettes, Opening types, Material options, Glass & Glazing, Locks, Hinges, Details, Profiles, not to mention a vast choice of handles and stays to finish off your new timber windows in character and style.

Which Casement Timber Windows are right for my home?

As you can see, bespoke timber windows can be a real minefield. How does one know which designs & material choices they need? You can either visit our Timber Casement Expert Advice page, where you can learn in detail about all above options, or simply ask us to design the correct style and specification for your home. After all, after 1000’s of high-end projects throughout London, Surrey and the rest of home counties, we know a thing or two about timber casement windows. You can put your mind at ease, with Privett Timber Windows, you are in safe hands when it comes to choosing your new wooden doors and windows.

Quality is more than a promise, it is genuine performance

– Ron Kaufman

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