Period™ Box Sash

The character and feel of Period™ Box sash window represents the simple grace of English sash windows progressively developed from early use by Wren in late 17th Century, through their peak of elegance in the late Georgian period and in common usage by the Victorians and Edwardians.

Sash windows were used almost exclusively in new buildings, from Royal Palaces to ordinary cottages. Soon box sash windows became fashionable status symbol across the whole of Britain.

The traditional box sash windows balanced on lead weights are specifically designed to fit in place of the original box sash window in period properties. Sashes are hung on pre-stretched nylon cords (that will not break or stretch) sliding on heavy duty ball bearing pulley wheels available in a variety of finishes.

The dimensions of our Period™ Box sash window frames, glazing bars and meeting rails have been made slim and with traditional mouldings but modified with advanced construction technology.

The collection shares the same technological platform as our Period™ casement window and door range, including warp-resistant engineered timber, factory-applied micro-porous paint finish and high-performance energy saving glass units.

Period™ Box sash range is packed with discreet innovations such as Conceal™ Trickle Vent System, slimmer double glazed units, 35mm middle rails (slimmest sections compared to any premium brand) and numerous choices of styles including Leaded Lights, Slimline glazing bars, Arched, Swept Head or Rounded to complement the character of any period building.

History of the sash window

  • The earliest sashes had no pulley sets; the windows were pushed up and wedged open.  The window was set at the outside of the wall.
  • The next stage saw the introduction of boxes with pulleys, ropes and weights.
  • The 1709 London Building Act specified that the windows should be recessed into the wall to reduce the risk of fire. This rule did not apply elsewhere.
  • The 1774 London Building Act specified that the windows should be rebated fully.
  • In 1820 it was made a national requirement that windows be fully rebated.

Our Unique Features

Exceptionally slim Sash window sections compared to any premium brands  – Period™ sash range comes with particularly slim window sections to carefully match the original single-glazed traditional sash windows. From 35mm meeting rail (otherwise known as middle rail) to 18mm detailed glazing bars – our window collection is capable of complementing any property’s period character and look.

Neat Silicone seals – Purpose-made grooves on the inside and outside of the window accommodate the silicone necessary to protect against water ingress. Appropriate coloured or clear silicone is factory applied, guaranteeing a perfect, unobtrusive seal.

Unique external sills – over the years we have developed a range of unique external sills, which not only enhance the look of the property in keeping with its period, but also provide the necessary protection against the elements. Various sill types are available including Stub Sills, Sloping, Chunky and Bespoke. Matching period sash drips are available in the same design and style to replicate the traditional look.

Conceal™ Trickle Vent system – conventional trickle vents can be extremely unsightly with protruding canopies and head-drips seriously affecting the external look of any property.

With the arrival of our Conceal™ Vent, the unattractive, unpleasant trickle vents are a thing of the past. Our innovative Trickle Vent system has the air channel re-engineered to appear between the frame and the casement, thus removing the need for any external canopies and protect the all-important character of any period property.

General Features

  • Engineered European Redwood construction with hardwood sill  reduces warping, twisting and  swelling
  • Factory applied water-based (micro-porous) paint finish ensures     longevity & durability
  • Factory glazed with high performance insulated glass units delivers excellent thermal performance
  • TGI Warm Edge Spacer bars minimise heat loss and combat condensation on the inner panes
  • Whole window U-values as low as 1.2W/m²K
  • Hidden drainage & ventilation channels prevent glazed unit from misting
  • Internal glazing prohibits would-be intruders from gaining entry into the property by removing the glass
  • Multi-point locking system with lockable handles for that extra peace of mind
  • Arched Heads, Swept Heads, Curved or Shaped windows can be made to match any architectural design
  • 18mm Slimline period glazing bars in keeping with the property’s character and aesthetics
  • Choice of 6/9/12/15mm antique, black or white lead lights to complement period character and look
  • A range of designer ironmongery in a variety of finishes to complete your new windows in a traditional or modern style
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