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Timber Sash Windows

You will often hear, that we should call timber sash windows a 300-year success story. From early use by Wren in the late 17th century, all the way to modern times, sash windows have become à la mode symbol across the whole of Britain.

Timber Sash Windows Balham, Barnes, Battersea

…Early Timber Sash Windows in Ham House, Richmond, Surrey…

By the turn of 20th century, the wooden sliding sash windows were almost solely used in new buildings. Be it a cottage in the country or even a Royal palace. In fact, even earlier windows were replaced with hardwood sash windows at that time.

Timber Sash Windows in Belgravia, Camberwell & Castelnau

…Timber Sash Windows were the main choice for Surrey, Sussex & London country houses…

Well, we can see few reasons for their success. Firstly, you can finely adjust the window opening, giving you a good control of ventilation with merely any chance of the rain blowing into the room. Secondly, the structure of the timber sash window can be made with finer parts, letting in more light and giving the sash window that graceful and refined look. Thirdly, the bespoke size of the wooden sash window helped it become the leading feature of many elegant buildings of the Queen Anne and Georgian eras.

Our Timber Sash Windows Range

Timber Wooden Sash London & Surrey

    Elegance to the finest details

We created our timber sash window range to represent the grace and grandeur of the traditional wooden sash window. Yet, we enhanced it with the latest must-have features without detracting from its authentic lines and charm.

Beautifully Crafted Glazing Bars

Above all graceful features, proudly stands our glazing bar design, otherwise known as Fine Lamb’s Tongue. Back in the day, the glazing bars were used to support multiple smaller panes of glass as they could not make bigger glass panes back in the 19th century. Today, the glazing bars is what makes your new timber sash window stand out from the rest. Refined, detailed and full of character, this is how we can describe them in just few words.

Fine Meeting Rails

Timber Sash Windows in Copse Hill, Cotthenham Park, Ealing

…Slim & elegant meeting rails enhance the character and look…

Without a doubt, you will notice our thin meeting rails, where both sashes meet when the sash window is closed. Slim meeting rail in timber sliding sash is one of the many features, that modern windows often fail to replicate. Wide meeting rails can look chunky, affect the period look and feel of the property.

Timber Sash Windows Horns

Another part of the timber sash window beauty is the sash window horn design. Although up until 1850 the horns were never used, it is a feature worth noting.

Wooden sash window horns were added to resist the extra stress put on the joints of the sashes as the glass panes became larger and heavier. As a matter of fact, we can match the exact shape of the current horns or you can choose a standard shape from one of our 30 sash window horn designs.

In addition to our thin meeting rails and horns, there are many features you will love. From warp-resistant timbers, hidden trickle vents, cords or chains to special glass and authentic mouldings – we are here to help you choose the right window design and detail for your home.

Timber Sash Windows Types

Timber Sash windows Kingston, Nine Elms, Furzedown

…Timber Sash window horn design is as bespoke as the window itself…

Certainly, each and every project is unique. Replacement timber sash windows, wooden sash windows for extensions or new builds – they all have different uses and requirements. Luckily, you can choose the correct timber sash window type to suit your own project needs.

Box Sash Timber Windows

Timber Sash Window balanced on lead weights, otherwise known as Box Sash. It is worth noting, that only since the Great Fire of London the wooden sash windows had to be fitted 4 inches back to lessen the risk of spreading fire. Thus, instead of sliding sash window being on the outside wall, the sash windows were put behind the external wall. As a matter of fact, this was a great idea. By hiding 80% of the flat box behind the wall, it made the timber sash windows more elegant and charming. To this day, Box Sash Timber Window is still the most sought-after sash window type, notably in Conservation Areas.

Timber Sash Windows Rayners Park, Southfields & Roehampton

…Timber Sash windows truly are “pièce de résistance” of Country & Stately Homes…

Timber Sash Windows in Norbury, Parsons Green, Putney

…Our authentic timber sash windows are trusted to be fitted  in Landmark Historic Buildings of great importance such as Old Police House in London’s iconic Hyde Park…

At Privett, we designed our Box Sash Timber windows to fit precisely in place of the original box sash window in the older properties. Sashes are either hung on nylon cords or smooth-running chains, whichever detail you prefer for your new sash windows. You can select the pulley wheels from a vast choice of different finishes. Taylor made construction ensures that you can enhance the design or specification to suit your home and style. Be it better sound proofing, reduced upkeep or do away with those annoying sash rattles – we got it covered with our 27 bespoke specification upgrades.

Spring Sash Timber Windows

Timber Sash Windows Twickenham, Teddington, Fulham

…Timber Sash Windows on Spring Balances are perfect for newbuilds and renovation projects…

Late in the 20th century, the timber sash window market welcomed a new product – Spiral balanced sash window, or else known as timber Spring Sash window. Well, this has allowed the house builders to fit the windows straight into the structural aperture. On the other hand, the visible sash springs cheapened the look and charm of the wooden sash windows.

At Privett, we came out on top of this unsightly issue by hiding the springs away and keeping the character of the traditional sash window. Yet, our timber sash window keeps the same slim sections and elegance of the Box Sash window but with much finer sash window box. This has a profound use in new build and extension projects, where slimmer box is really useful to fit straight into a structural opening.

Conservation Sash Timber Windows

Timber Sash Windows Westminster, Kensington, Fulham Broadway

…It is slim sections, narrow meeting rails and fine glazing bars which Conservation Officer adores and approves…(Kensington)

Since 1967, when the first Conservation area has been created, it is now almost 10,000 conservation areas in England alone. By nature, it calls for the replacement timber wooden sash windows to be replaced without affecting the character of the period home and even the street. Well, this is where our Conservation timber sash window steps in. Available as single glazed or with individual Slimlite glass panes, it surely is a fine window for the Conservation Officer to be satisfied with.

Each local council will lay their own requirements for Conservation area timber windows, such as putty-glazed, thinner glazing units or just slimmer sections. Our timber sash windows have been used in numerous Conservation Areas in London and the Home Counties, so we are happy to advise you on the right window for your period home.

Wooden Sash Windows Today

Timber Sash Windows East Molesey, West Molesey, Hampton

…It is almost impossible to see the difference between the original and replacement. Preservation of character is the key to adding value…

Sadly, 75% of all original hardwood sash windows have been lost to different alternatives. By the start of 20th century, wooden casement windows came back to fashion. Clearly, the cost also played a big role in the decline.

Luckily, the wooden sash timber windows are making a comeback. Firstly, timber sash window is seen as an essential detail of Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian buildings. Secondly, the customers recognise and appreciate the special workmanship that goes into making wooden sash windows. Thirdly, the ever-growing list of Conservation Areas in London and South East means the replacement timber sash windows are guarded by law.

Not to mention the fact, that wooden sash window brings grandeur and charm even to ordinary looking homes.

Quality is pride of workmanship

– W. Edwards Deming

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